Romoss Commercial Charging Station & Power Banks

Product Description

A charging destination.
Draw traffic into your store. Increase brand awareness.

Delight your guests, Keep your employees mobile.
Providing cell phone charging to your audience at a critical time of need.

Custom To Your Needs
From branded color to cable selection, we provide a charging solution completely customized for your business. Purchase additional and replacement cables, battery packs, and serial charging cable to fit your company size.

  • Dual Output for Each Battery
  • Elegant Design & Stain Resistant
  • High Precision CNC Digital Cutting

Charging in Series up to 4 Sets.
To charge 32 pieces of 1000mAh batteries, you only need one wall socket. It’s super easy to provide 24/7 service of battery.

Magnetic Charging.
The anti-theft design that it can only be charged by its dock, not ordinary adapter.

Indicator lights.
4 LED status indicator lights show you how much power remains.

Fast Charge.
Optimized charging and discharging efficiency with dual outputs.


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