eUSB sofun 9 - Laptop Charger

€95.00 €190.00
Product Description
  • Built-in Samsung Cells, long battery life
  • Triple-output, charge 3 devices simultaneously.
  • 1 x eUSB Port for Laptop; 2 x USB Port for DC5V(1A & 2.4A)
  • Juice up Laptop, Smart Phone, Tablet
  • eUSB Technology-Juice up various laptop up to 65W
  • Fitcharge Technology-Detect the input current demand
  • Powered by premium Li-ion cells from Samsung, 23400mah high capacity, compact
  • Super Charge, Little Waste. Conversion rate up to 90%

Sync Charge:

It can be charged and charge your device at the same time.
Fast Charge, Full Safety Guarantee
Fast Self-charge


Multi-Protective circuit design:

Overcharge-proof/Overdischarge-proof/Overvoltage- Proof/Overcurrent-proof/ Temperature Protection/Short-circuit Protection/Reset Protection
Automatically turns off while not in use for 60 seconds.
Power on, Light up. Built-in LED indicators

Alloy Plastic Body(PC+ABS):

Light, Stylish and Durable
The ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip.



    Input: eUSB (1)DC12-20V 3.5A (2)DC5V 1A MAX
    Input: USB (1)DC5V 1A MAX (2)DC5V 2.4A MAX
    Output: DC 5V 2.1A/DC 5V 1A
    Size: 21 x 8 x 2.5cm Weight: 570gm